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Products Introduction

5. Sn-Pb Solder Products Introduction

The Sn-Pb series solders had ever been the most popular solder alloys that showed excellent wettability and reliability. In recent years, it has been replaced by the Pb-free solder alloys due to the toxicity of Pb, however, in many special applications, for example, the military equipments, the automotive electronics, the Sn-Pb solder is still adopted.

Zhongya(Tianjin) could provide about 40 kinds of Sn-Pb solder alloys with the shape of wire, bar or foil. The melting point range is from 58℃ to 316℃

Specially, the traditional Sn-Pb eutectic solder wires and solder bars (for wave soldering and dip soldering process) products show excellent mechanical properties and wettability.

5-1 Type of Sn-Pb Solder Wires

  1. Non-clean Solder Wire
  2. Soluble Solder Wire
  3. High-temperature Solder Wire
  4. Low-temperature Solder Wire
  5. Extinction Solder
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