Focus on environmental protection and devote to pollution prevention

Provide reliable and safe product for
the electronic industries

Company Introduction

     Founded in 1988, Zhongya (Tianjin) electronic soldering technology Co., LtD. Locates in Balitai Industrial Zone of Jinnan District inTianjin ,China.

     Zhongya (Tianjin) is an innovative enterprise specialized in lead-free solder R&D, manufacture, technical support and sold-out service. We provide lead-free older alloys, soldering flux and technical support for the electrical manufacture clients. Our products are suitable for handle soldering, dip soldering, wave soldering and reflow soldering. Some quality indicators of our lead-free solder alloys and flux are superior to the requirements of EU RoHS regulation.

     Our sale network throughout the country will provide you with high quality products wherever and whenever you call us by the Customer Service Hotline +86-22-83981122 or send message by the fax 86-22-83981133.

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