SMT solder pastes

The high-quality lead-free solder paste developed by ZhongYa (Tianjin) Company is made up of environment-protection organic flux and high-grade soldering tin powder. The lead-free paste produced by our company is endued with good rheological performance and silkscreen print performance. It is free of mesh block and shows good performance of wettability and spreadability during reflow soldering process. The advanced paste-making equipment and strict quality management system ensure its reliability and stability. So it can be used for assembly and surface paste of various high-density integrated IC board and regurgitant soldering of membrane and thick hybrid circuit.

SMT solder pastes

2-1 No Cleaning Lead-Free Solder Pastes

2-1-1 Product characteristics:

1)Adopt lead-free environment-protection alloy.

2)New Technical support, special chemical ingredient, provide with favorable wettability to make up for poor wettability of lead-free alloy to ensure high reliability.

3)Little residue after reflowing which has no corrosion and good electrical insulation.

4)Adopt high-efficiency thixotropic agent to prevent subseidence as preheating and printing.

5)Meet the American standard of ANSI/J-STD-004 flux (ROLO).

6)The diameter of tin powder is accurately controlled between 25μm to 45μm, and the flux is specifically made to insure continuously printing and fine pattern.

7)Advanced moisture-keeping technology and persistent viscidity ( viscosity above 48 hours), more than 8 hours of valid working life.

8)The residue is clear and has little influence to test.

9)Lucent soldering point and other favorable performance.

2-1-2 Designation,Melting Point and Alloy Compositions

Series Melting point (℃) Alloy compositions
WH-326G-M(2-1) 217-220℃ S-Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5Ce
WH-373G-M(2-1) 216-228 S-Sn99Cu0.7Ag0.3
WH-210G-M(2-1) 234-240 S-Sn95Sb5

2-1-3 Flux Chemical Composition

Materials Content (wt%)
Resin 40
Thixotropic agent 10
Acid 4
Solvent 39
Corrosion inhibitor 3
Viscosity additive 2
Active polymer 2

2-1-4 Properties

Item Data
Halogen content (%) <0.2
SIR(Ω) Before soldering >1×1012
Moist resistance >1×1011
Flux content (wt%) 10.0±1.0
Flux content(Wt%) 90±0.5
Powder size(μm) 25~45
Viscosity (Kcps/Pa.s) 500~800
Copper mirror corrosion pass
Collapse test pass
Wetting test pass
Shelf life 6 Months (0-10℃)

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